Les Arts de la Table

DIOR is the ultimate symbol of elegance, excellence and luxury. In the 21st Century, DIOR continues to define elegance and style with the same audacity that inspired Monsieur Dior when he launched his house.

Session_12_062_Composition_Service Porcelaine Japonais Noir_001
Session_14_089_Serie de 6 Grands Verres Colores_Montage
Session_17_147_Boite a bijoux Laquee Rouge_Montage_V2
Session_00_7797_Tasse & Théière Forêt_DEF
Session_00_069_Composition Assiettes et Bols laqués_DEF
Session_00_0079_Composition Couverts_V2_DEF
Session_07_016_Les deux poissons Verts_0351
Session_14_084_Assiette Fleurs Verte et Or
Session_10_050B_Cadres Dore_Montage_V2